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What’s Included?


Almost all your videos are handled by a dedicated account manager, and the same editor so that you can get in routine and establish your aesthetic. In the event your editor is unable to work on a video, we’ll assign your work to his or her partner to make sure the draft will still get done on time.


Speed is critical when choosing a video editing service.  We will make sure you have a draft within 2-4 business days. Beyond that, for revisions we typically will deliver within 1-2 business days so that you can upload ASAP!


Video files take up space.  We are happy to provide 50GB worth of cloud storage for you to upload files!


Additional B-roll polishes almost every video and we’re more than happy to help you find free audio and video footage if you request it. Beyond that, we also have an add on option if you’d like us to help you source paid stock audio and footage as well!


It’s our goal to make things as fast and simple.  That means efficient communication. Using Asana and, you’ll be able to leave feedback directly on your draft so that your editor will know EXACTLY what needs to get done.


If you have a Youtube Business or Vimeo Pro account, we can  upload videos directly so that you can save time!

What We Do

  • Color Grading
  • Transcription / Subtitles
  • Lower Thirds
  • Text Animation Templates
  • Multi-Cam
  • Transitions
  • Chromakey / Green Screen
  • Audio Syncing, Mixing and Editing
  • Thumbnails
  • Online Courses
  • Info Products
  • Product Reviews
  • Podcasts
  • Video Podcasts
  • Vlogs
  • Ads
  • Real Estate Tours
  • Drone Videos
  • On Camera
  • Interviews
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Music Videos
  • Weddings
  • Youtube Channel Intro & Outros

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What kind of video edits can I request?

The finished video can’t be longer than 20 minutes.

What types of videos can you make?

Online Courses, Info Products, Product Reviews, Podcasts, Video Podcasts, Vlogs, Ads, Real Estate Tours, Drone Videos, On Camera, Interviews, Unboxing Videos, Tutorials, Music Videos, Weddings, Youtube Channel Intro & Outros

How long does it take to get my video edited?

We strive to get your videos edited as fast as possible.  It often depends on video length, motion graphics, and the complexity of the edit.   Our goal is to get you a rough draft within 48-96 hours from when we receive the video request form and your uploaded video clips. From there you’ll need to leave comments for feedback once we upload the rough cut.  As your editor gets to know you better we hope to cut down on any time spent back and forth between revisions. We have some clients that are in a 48-hour turnaround workflow.  Our goal is to adapt your aesthetic and workflow as soon as possible so you can maximize your video output.

How do I communicate with my video editor?

Once you’ve made a purchase, we’ll send you an customer on-boarding form, and an invitation to our ‘video request form’ from Asana.  Asana is a project management tool that will be used for submitting video requests.  We use for providing feedback on revisions of each video edit and downloading the video.

Is it really unlimited video editing?

Yup!  You can request as many revisions as you like. With that said, it still takes between 2-4 days turnaround on the first rough draft and 1-2 days on each revision after.  The longer we work together, the better we will be able to understand your needs and cut down the amount of revisions and turnaround time.  We are only able to work on a maximum of two videos at a time. By doing this we can make sure we are focused and do a good job before moving on to the next video.

What tools do you use to edit the videos?

We use Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

What hours do you operate?

We are operate 9 AM-7PM Pacific Standard Time. 

Do you offer free trials?

The first video is free!

What is the commitment?

Month to month.

Can I just pay to get one video edited? I don't need a monthly subscription.

At this time we do not offer one-time video edits. Our company’s focus is to serve ongoing partnerships– our aim is to provide support and efficiency to businesses creating consistent content. That way, they can stay top of mind, and keep their audience engaged.

How do I get started?
  • Login to your account.
  • Fill out the video request form.
How do I upload my footage and assets to you?

You can send us a link of the footage and we will download it. Most clients use Dropbox or Google Drive.  We allow for up 50o GB of cloud storage on Email [email protected] if you need more than 50oGB of space.

I downloaded my video and accidentally deleted it, and haven't uploaded it yet! Do you save the final versions of the video and can you re-share it with me?

We know the feeling!  We encourage all our clients to immediately download final videos and store them on an external hard drive.  We also encourage you to always upload (even if it’s unlisted) right away.  Fortunately we can re-send you your final video for $30 fee.  

Where are you located?

 Las Vegas!